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Auditorium 2

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Seating: 1,750
Handicapped seating:  30

Commercial: $200/hr.
Non-Profit 1: $115/hr
Non-Profit 2: $95/hr.

Basic Amenities Included:
Overhead lights (not stage lighting), podium, 2 dressing rooms, 4 restrooms.

Required costs Price
Custodian - Weekday $35/hr
Custodian - Weekend $40/hr
Custodian - Holiday $50/hr
Building Supervisor $20/hr
Energy Fee $3/hr
Other Options: Price
Advanced Lighting System - 24 channel automated light board, 60 par 32 lights  $20/hr
Light Technician (required for advanced lighting)  $25/hr
16 channel Sound System with subwoofer  $20/hr
Sound Technician (required for Advanced sound system) $20/hr
Piano - Upright Kawaii $10/hr
Grand Piano - Kawaii  $50/hr
Piano Tuner  $70
Large Screen - drops down from ceiling $40/hr
LCD Projector (ceiling mounted) $45/hr